• Corporate Events

With todays business requirements growing daily, we pride ourselves in being able to offer a service which is vital to maintain a first class corporate identity.

When image matters, chartering a Motor Yacht can give a company the winning edge.

  • Strategic sessions

​Many of todays companies wether big or small periodically take their directors away from the office for strategic sessions.

And what a better way for this than a Motor Yacht, probably one of the few locations free from distractions and an atmosphere conductive to clarity of thought, whilst having the unobtrusive service of trained professional staff.

  • Low Profile

A Motor Yacht provides privacy and confidentiality, vitally important in company negotiation and contract discussions.

  • Corporate Promotion

​The magnificent scenery of Scotland coupled with the luxuries of a Motor Yacht create an unprecedented stage for entertainment and new product launches.

  • Something Different

Many of todays companies offer incentives and rewards with the "something different" factor being uppermost. A private charter offers just that, an air of exclusnes that makes the recipient or group feel valued and most importantly good towards your company.

  • Back up

​With our connections we are able to extend our package to include entertainment, accommodation & transport to and from the vessel or even special activity events during the period onboard.

  • Birthday Celebrations

Having your closest family and friends by you side on that special Birthday is what makes it one to remember, with the addition of spending the occasion on board Lexus Lady it would certainly be a 'Once in a lifetime experience'. We can supply anything from a simple buffet lunch to having a professional Chef onboard to satisfy any culinary taste.

  • Special Anniversary

Silver, Gold, Ruby or even a Diamond anniversary is a very special occasion, perhaps a peaceful and relaxing cruise through the Kyles of Bute for the lucky couple and their family or friends would be an excellent setting. These occasions are few and far between and should be cherished, photographs of the special day will be of the highest potential with the lovely views from onboard.

  • Wedding Events

​We can offer various services for those looking to add that 'something extra' to their wedding day. We can provide the full venue onboard for small weddings, and for those who want to really impress we can arrange for bridal parties to arrive by Motor Yacht, or perhaps while the guests are arriving at the Chartroom restaurant a quick champagne reception? And as always Lexus Lady will make for an ideal background for photographs.

  • Family Excursions

​Looking for a holiday to remember? or perhaps just wanting to spend some quiet time together away from the City life? Lexus Lady can accommodate an average sized family in comfort. With so many fantastic destinations locally and things to do and see, we will provide your family with a great experience from start to finish.

  • Golf Outings

​The West coast of Scotland is very proud to have some really fantastic golf courses. Why not try a golf outing to play the courses of the islands? Both Bute and Arran offer several courses which are only a short cruise away. We can supply transport to chauffeur your party to and from the course and on your return we will have arranged for your food and drinks to be ready for serving.

  • Media/Filming

Lexus Lady is an ideal platform for obtaining the best possible views from sea. We would be happy to assist with any types of filming for documentary, news or any other media requirements. Understandably events like this can require a rapid response, Lexus Lady is always turn key and ready for sea.

  • ​Scattering of Ashes

Often it is the wish of many a seafarer, serviceman or even just someone who loved the sea, that after their passing they would like for their ashes to be scattered at sea. Being a seafarer myself and having respect for anyone with such a wish, Clyde Charters will offer the services of Lexus Lady to help with such requests. These charters can be discussed with the families to ensure a discreet and professional service.